Cloud Hosting, the Easiest Way to Manage Your Data

cloud hosting

cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is the most recent form of hosting that became increasingly popular over time. But there are still many who are still unfamiliar with this term and how it works.

What is cloud hosting?

The primary concept of cloud hosting is to share and organize, which means that the resources needed to maintain the website should be online and spread over. It will be more than one server and allocated according to the needs. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of downtime when the server is failed or malfunction.

Cloud hosting allows us to have broad less resource due to having connected into many servers in which will help us to add a new server in a flash without interfere the currently running process. Another significant aspect is that it allows you to control the highest load easier without facing the problem of shortage of bandwidth because other servers may provide additional resources. This is possible because the websites do not rely on only one server, but a mass of servers that working together. People called it as “cloud”.

Example of cloud hosting

If you are looking for examples of who is already implementing cloud hosting, then Google and Yahoo will be the easiest example. The Google and Yahoo search engine put its resources to hundreds of cloud hosting. This makes themnever experienced downtime during the last decade.

How does cloud hosting work?

As mentioned above, every server in cloud hosting network has its own tasks and they will also cover other servers, for example, if one server is down or broken, the other servers will replace it and provide the necessary resources. The similar case will be occurred when the server is overload. To guarantee cloud hosting can function well, it needs high quality server hardware in order to be able to run miscellaneous tasks. If you use low quality hardware, it will nullify the cloud hosting advantages and increase its costs without any tangible results.
Quality cloud hosting service provider should be able to provide reliable cloud services that should be able to exceed what is offered by a dedicated server.

What are the advantages of using cloud hosting?
• Avoid hardware limitations
Cloud Hosting make sure the consumers’ need of RAM, CPU, and Hard Disk Quota are fulfilled. When you need extra spaces, you can easily broaden its capacity according to your wish. The hosting company will provide many resources in accordance with customer request.
• High scalability and good performance
It has unlimited scalability. You can achieve anything by using cloud hosting. The ongoing process will not get interrupted if you want to add or subtract the resources. You also do not have to be worried when your website has high traffic since it will automatically balance the configuration.

  • Paying accordance with your needs

The users of cloud server hosting will pay according to their consumption of memory or bandwidth usage. Therefore, you can determine it by your self about how many of resources that you need since it is based on your budget.

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